Meet our 2021 CU Succeed Youth Bursary Recipients

This year we provided bursaries to 69 amazing young adults who are pursuing post-secondary education.

Recipients are selected based on two main criteria, financial need and how they give back to their communities. Students are assessed by a review panel across four categories; community involvement, personal circumstances, letters of reference, and quality of their compelling essay or video submission. Students are ranked numerically with the top of the list individuals receiving a bursary of $3,000, the other candidates received amounts of $2,000, $1,500 and $1,000 totalling $75,000. 

Bursary recipients represented 28 credit unions in Ontario. 


CU Succeed Youth Bursaries Announced

We had 275 individuals register for the bursary this year with 118 completing the full application by June 30th. After much deliberation, and careful consideration, 69 applicants were chosen to receive a bursary award this year. Our top recipient, Huynh My Linh D....

Bursary Boosters Bust Out

The 2021 Bursary Boosters came together to exceed the planned goal of $10,000 by reaching $11,236! Congratulations to all our credit union friends and supporters who made this possible. Kudos to Northern Credit Union who raised an amazing $2,000 through a variety of...

Friend of the Foundation Inductees 2021

It was a pleasure for OCUF to announce the induction of two new “Friend of the Foundation” recipients at our Annual General Meeting. Joel Lalonde was the first inductee. Joel served on the OCUF Board for nine years. He was a strong contributor to the Foundations...

Martin Gillis Receives 2021 Distinguished Service Award

OCUF is pleased to congratulate Martin (Marty) Gillis, WFCU Credit Union Board Chair on receiving the 2021 Distinguished Service Award. This award recognizes the outstanding service to the Credit Union movement in Ontario beyond the level of the individual credit...

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