Each year we open nominations for Corporate Achievement Awards. This year we modified the selection criteria to focus more on impact rather than dollar ratios. We wanted to recognize community impact which can take many forms. Our review process involved our Board members and Foundation Team, assessing the submission in five areas on a scale of one to five. The rankings were weighted and a total score determined. This year, two nominations stood out. In fact, the results were incredibly close with aggregate scores of 164.5 and 165.5. So for the first time in our 37 year history we have decided to recognize two recipients.

Alterna and FirstOntario share award spotlight!

Alterna2It is with pride we recognize Alterna Savings and FirstOntario as our two award recipients. Jean Barrett of Alterna spoke about the impact of their Community Micro Finance Program. She introduced a micro loan recipient, Hope Locke, the owner of Hope Magique. Hope shared the impact the program has had on her personally. She expressed her gratitude for a credit union working well outside the box of traditional lenders. OCUF Board Vice Chair Joel Lalonde presented the Corporate Achievement Award for Community Impact saying, “I think you’ll agree Alterna Savings is making a real difference – one micro loan at a time.”

Pictured left to right, Jean Barrett, Credit Officer, Hope Lockie of Hope Magique, and Frugina Ball, Region Head, Member Experience GTA

#FirstOntarioMary DeSousa, Executive Vice President Marketing showed a 2 minute video on the Student Nutrition Program FirstOntario sponsors. Mary went on to describe the program, their investment of $750,000 over the past three years. She spoke to the impact FirstOntario is making.  She said FirstOntario works closely with REACH (Resource, Education And Counselling Help), a multi-purpose children and family service agency. She described how their staff volunteers, known as the Blue Wave, participate in the student nutrition program, as well as other events in the community. As Joel Lalonde presented the award he said “Mary it is my honour on behalf of OCUF to present you with the 2016 Outstanding Corporate Achievement Award for Community Impact. Please extend our congratulations to everyone at FirstOntario who are making such an impact in your community.”

Pictured left to right, Dave Schurman, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Mary DeSousa, Executive Vice President Marketing, Joel Lalonde, OCUF Vice Chairman.