You spoke, we listened!

Credit Unions are changing in Ontario and so is your Foundation. You spoke, we listened.

OCUF_p_sq150In 2015 we reached out to CEO’s and senior marketing officers representing over 70% of our stakeholders. You suggested we needed greater focus. When we asked what that focus might look like, overwhelmingly you told us “youth.” You also said you liked the idea of us complementing the youth strategies many of you already have in place.

Over the past 36 years your Foundation has been a partner in supporting your philanthropic activities. Some of our programs have been around for a long time. Our analysis suggested some changes to keep pace with our key stakeholders – you.

Our Board is keen to ensure relevance to our members while helping to elevate and broadcast the good work being done by credit unions and co-ops in Ontario.

Our new strategic direction is to support youth education and leadership. Like so many of our members, we believe in the importance of enabling our youth, especially those who may be financially challenged.

We are delighted to announce the launch of a new bursary program for resident Ontario post-secondary students in need of financial assistance for academic, technological, or vocational training at accredited schools within the province. As we release details in the spring we look forward to working with member credit unions to spread the word.

You might notice from the salutation we shortened our name. We thought it would help us identify first and foremost that we are a foundation. We continue to offer community investment funds and permanent capital funds. We remain available to assist your credit union by providing objective selection adjudication of your scholarship and bursary programs. We continue to offer grant disbursement services.

In the months ahead you will hear more on the philanthropy education program we will make available to member credit unions.

We look forward to serving your needs and being part of an increasingly vibrant and growing credit union community.