Meet Cooper

CooperCooper is a 2nd year Bachelor of Business Administration student at Nipissing University.  He was awarded a 2016 OCUF Youth Bursary and is a member of DUCA.

Cooper lost his father to cancer when he was four. In his application he said, “I could express that I have grown up with a single parent who has worked to give me the best life, or I could talk about how much I am in need of financial help. However, I would prefer to ask to be the recipient of the OCUF Youth Bursary not just because of my demographic, but because of who I am, and who I continue to strive to be.”

Indeed it was a compelling application. What stood our for the reviewers was his conversation around two life lessons he shared.

Cooper is also an active community contributor. He has volunteered in a drama production with Community Living Dufferin – an organization that helps adults with disabilities. He volunteered in many fundraisers with Multiple Sclerosis bike rides, church events, and other community events. At university, he participated in recruitment open houses, and have been involved in many of the residence committees such as the Athletics and Wellness committee.

Meet Meeghan

meeghan-pearson3-jpgMeeghan is a 2nd year nursing student enrolled at Fanshawe College in London. She was awarded a 2016 OCUF Youth Bursary.

Meeghan is an active volunteer in her community. She has donated her time and talent at musical therapy for the developmentally challenged, has helped at Tim Horton’s camp day for a number of years, and contributed to bras for the cause by making gift basked for three years. She also participated in Environmental Leadership program.

On her bursary application she wrote “Getting this bursary would help me able to pay for this years tuition costs and help me work my way one year at a time through nursing school, helping me eventually achieve my dream of being a pediatric registered nurse.” We think you’re on the right track Meeghan and wish you the best as you reach for your dream.

Meet Andrew

AndrewAndrew is a 2nd year student enrolled in the Bachelor of Applied Science Honours Mechanical Engineering at the University of Windsor. He was awarded a 2016 OCUF Youth Bursary and is a member of YNCU.

A big piece of our adjudication process for the Youth Bursary program is community engagement. Andrew stands out in this respect. We have taken extracts from his application so you get a sense of his mindset.

Time management, the ability to balance commitments, goal setting and excellent organizational skills are the key components to my success. Trying to distribute my time between my volunteering commitments to my community, my extra-curricular school activities, my employment and my involvement with sports, while achieving academic success has taught me how to stay focused in order to attain my visionary goals.

School involvement and volunteering in the community attributes to good leadership skills and enhances team building. I believe the greatest reward you can give is inspiring and empowering others. Giving back to the community is extremely rewarding and very important to me because in doing so, we make the world a better place.

I am passionately involved in many community organizations. I volunteer for the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board’s CARE Committee which fundraises to raise money to provide breakfast/nutritional snacks, winter hats, mittens and warm socks to the less fortunate students in our Catholic school system thus enhancing the lives of these children who lack the bare necessities of life. I also help the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board’s Safety Patrol Association with packages and distribution of donation letters. To aid the food banks and the poor, I have prepared brown bag lunches for the Downtown Missions. There are many elderly people in my neighbourhood so in the winter when it snows, I shovel their driveways and in the summer, I cut their grass.

I am, also, actively involved in playing for the local sports associations, Tecumseh Recreational Soccer Club and Tecumseh-Shoreline Minor Hockey Association. Participation in sports can dramatically impact the development of kids during childhood. Not only do they reap the physical and social benefits, but it builds self-esteem, promotes goal-setting and teaches the importance of teamwork. Throughout the year, I devote my time to Tecumseh Recreational Soccer Club by coaching young children, refereeing soccer games and volunteering for registration. My dedicated commitment and leadership experience towards these good causes benefits my community for the better.

CUSA Funds Youth Bursary

cusa-logo-blueCredit Union Services Association (CUSA) is composed of 24 Ontario credit unions representing a combined membership of approximately 300,000 members.  CUSA’s origins trace back to its members’ common relationship with CGI and the RFS™ managed banking service.  CUSA’s role has expanded to ensure that other common operational needs, as provided by a variety of strategic partners, are readily available to its member credit unions.  CUSA also works to identify collective opportunities that will better position its member credit unions to compete in the financial services sector.

As a collective of credit unions, CUSA shares the passion of OCUF to give back to and invest in our communities.  Our CUSA Board of Directors Chairperson, Allison Kasper, says “Our member credit unions are committed to promoting youth leadership, and we have seen firsthand the positive impact that student bursaries can have in building strong communities and citizens.  We are delighted to support this important work.“

To Allison Kasper, the full Board, and all of the CUSA credit unions members, we say a big thank you for your generous donation to fund a Youth Bursary in 2017!

Meet Cliff

CliffCliff is in his 4th year at the University of Windsor in the Business Administration program. He was awarded a 2016 OCUF Youth Bursary and is a member of WFCU Credit Union.

Cliff is active in his community, a volunteer at his church cafe, where he crafts specialty drinks for people two days a week. He has volunteered for at numerous events including Run for Rocky and others as a representative of Starbucks. He is involved in a tutoring club, tutoring 2 individuals who are studying Accounting theory at the University of Windsor.

One of Cliff’s parent suffered a major medical issue two years ago which put strain on the family. As he put it, “this has all taken a toll on me while I am trying to study and work to take care of all the needs within our family.” Cliff worked full time between two jobs this past summer to acquire the funds needed for school in September. He indicated the bursary will allow him to continue and finish his schooling with less debt and help pay for the cost of books and other expenses. He wrapped things up by saying, “at this point I know this will allow me to work less in the coming year so I can be there for my dad and mom and being able to focus on family needs as well as focusing on completing my schooling.”