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Meet Lia

LiaLia is in her 4th year pursing an Honours Bachelor Degree in Social Sciences with Specialization in Women’s Studies and Political Science at the University of Ottawa. She was awarded a 2016 OCUF Youth Bursary and is a member of DUCA CU.

Some applications you read and simply go – wow. This was one of them. Lia received one of our highest awards and deservedly so. Her list of volunteer involvement is extensive and diverse from two missions trips in Nicaragua, working kids with disabilities in the Best Buddies program,   volunteering as a co-leader and leader of four Parliamentary Delegations at Parliament Hill with
an organization called MYCanada, to volunteering as an educator and public speaker across North America on social justice issues.

Her application focused on her passions. Lia stated “I need a purpose to fuel my actions. And this is why I have chosen from a young age to be involved in the community, to give my time to those organizations and those initiatives that I believe are doing incredible work, both domestically and internationally.” She went on to say “I volunteer my time because I love people. I care about the lives of those around. I believe that every individual—regardless of their gender, race, class, religion, or physical makeup—deserves equality and human rights. This is what drives my passion—both in school and in volunteer work.”

Lia left a summary comment that read; at the end of the day, I believe that one person can change a nation. Why do we get a sense that you are on your way to doing so.

Meet Connor

ConnorConnor is a 1st year Biomedical Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Ottawa. He was awarded a 2016 OCUF Youth Bursary and is a member of Comtech Fire CU.

Connor talks in his application about the impact sports has had on him. From a young age, I played all the typical sports at various levels from house league to rep. It formed habits in me, getting homework done before practices, balancing sports with school and other family obligations and just learning to interact and get along with others. Sports also gave me a certain confidence, my 2 younger brothers wanted to copy everything I did, kids would want me to teach them how to dribble a ball or shoot a puck. It also afforded me the opportunity to volunteer each summer at various summer camps and help kids learn and love sports like I do.

Connor also loves music. He played a number of instruments through school, the baritone, the tuba and the tenor saxophone. By the end of elementary school, he was playing virtually all of the instruments they had to offer. In high school he taught himself to play the oboe.

He still had time to volunteer. Connor assisted campers in sports activities and adventure skills at summer camps, volunteered at St. Michael’s Hospital in the heart and vascular area, directing visitors and collecting reports. He was also a peer mentor in high school.

He wrote “I had my first paper route at 9 years old and opened my first credit union account. Not much accumulated despite my Mother’s effort to teach me savings, budget and charity.” A lot has changed from when you were nine Connor.

Meet Brij

BrijBrij is in his 3rd year at the University of Waterloo, School of Optometry and Vision Science. He was awarded a 2016 OCUF Youth Bursary.

Brij is from Kenya, moving to Canada when he was thirteen. He said the transition was difficult, but “I strongly believe that my childhood experiences have taught me valuable lessons, and have motivated me to achieve my goals.”

His strong determination to achieve his lifelong goal began in high school when he was diagnosed with keratoconus (an eye disease that results in corneal thinning and decrease in vision). Regular visits to my optometrist, and curiosity to learn more about my eye condition triggered his interest into optometry.

Brij provided a long list of volunteer activities dating back to 2008. His list of current volunteer work is extensive, much of which is in his current field of study. He is currently the President of Canadian Association of Optometry Students. Brij was recently appointed by the Canadian Association of Optometrists as a council member. This is the first time in Canadian Optometric history that a student is a council member.

We have a feeling there is nothing stopping this young man from achieving his goals.

Janet Grantham Manager of the Year

Janet GranthamWe extend our congratulations to Janet Grantham, President & CEO of Mainstreet Credit Union. Janet was recognized by the Credit Union Managers’ Association (Ontario) as CUMA’s Manager of the Year!

Each year CUMA is faced with the challenge of recognizing one individual who stands out amoungst the many talented managers and executives in Ontario Credit Unions. Being recognized by ones peers is truly one of the highest honours one can receive.

CUMA as part of this recognition, donated $2,000 to OCUF in Janet’s name. We are most grateful for the donation again this year. This contribution will fund two Youth Bursaries in 2017. Thank you CUMA, and again congratulations to Janet Grantham.