Meet Jessica

JessicaJessica is attending King’s University enrolled in their Childhood and Social Institutions program. She is a 2016 Youth Bursary recipient and member of Nexus Community Savings a division of Alterna.

Jessica is a graduate of Fanshawe College and is attending King’s University to pursue her dream of obtaining a Bachelor of Social Work. She is a Child and Youth Work graduate (Fanshawe) and with her education and training she hopes to start her own business geared toward child care for children with mental, or physical disabilities.

In her application she credits her mother and father as her role models. Jessica is no stranger to hard work and along with her studies she balance her community commitments. She has volunteered at her local church, done placements in two public schools, and a placement at WAYS (Western Area Youth Services) in their girls group home, and a placement at KIDS Community Health Services working with a young girl with a speech impediment. She is currently a volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters doing their Go Girls program and the Connect 2 Mentor program.

Meet Elgin

ElginElgin is a first-year student at Ryerson University studying Biology. She is a 2016 Youth Bursary recipient and member of Meridian CU.

Elgin has been an active volunteer giving back to her community in many ways. Activities associated with her schools have been important to her along with supporting the Terry Fox Run, a cooperative youth camp, and Covenant House.

On her application she wrote, “In the future, my career goal is to become a psychiatrist. From a very young age, I loved to listen to people and try to help them with any problems they might have, and as I became older I was introduced to my first psychology class, further intriguing me to make this my career! In the summer I was lucky enough to go to a hospital and see how psychiatrists work, it really caught my attention and excited me. I am really looking forward to study subjects that will help make this career goal a career achievement.”

With the increased awareness of mental health issues, society will continue to need caring professionals to help those in need. Elgin we are excited for you as you pursue your dream.

Meet Darion

DarionDarion is in first year, taking Nanotechnology Engineering at the University of Waterloo. He is a 2016 Youth Bursary recipient and member of Meridian CU.

Darion wrote in his application, “I have persevered through challenging circumstance and times while still accomplishing my goals and aspirations of attending university.” He detailed those circumstances and suffice it to say this is a young man who is driven, and has demonstrated his drive and ability to work hard and stay focused on his long-term goal of becoming an engineer.

Darion said “In reference to the term “it takes a village”, my community is my village that has provided me with support and encouragement. I am grateful and will pay it forward by modeling a spirit of community and volunteerism. More specifically my long term goal is to participate in policy development so that the youth of Canada will not experience the barriers to education that I have.”

Darion you believe in yourself and your abilities. We know you will succeed at what you set your mind to.

Meet Erica

EricaErica is taking Systems Design Engineering at the University of Waterloo. She is a 2016 Youth Bursary recipient and member of Healthcare & Municipal Employees CU.

After two years in the Honours Biology co-op program, Erica has made the decision to pursue a career in bio-engineering. She wrote, “I hope to work with the creation of artificial limbs and organs. This will make such a big difference in the world. It will change lives and I cannot wait to be apart of that!”

She hopes to work on the reproduction of artificial limbs, organs, and tissue. Erica says “There are thousands of dying people in need of organs, but not enough organs donated to save them. On average, 22% of people die waiting for an organ transplant that cannot happen due to this shortage. This heart-breaking statistic is my motivation. One can only imagine a world where a person can receive a custom-made organ engineered from their own tissue. It is my goal to help in making that happen.”

Her community involvement included volunteering at a hospital, supported Halloween for Hunger, participated in a group known as Let’s Talk Science that travels to local elementary schools in order to get the students excited about science. Erica plans to join a group known as Engineers Without Borders. It is a group that works toward creating social change at my university and in the community.


Meet Meaghan

MeaghanMeaghan is a first-year student in Education at Laurentian University. She is a 2016 Youth Bursary recipient and member of Northern Credit Union.

We loved Meaghan’s enthusiasm, “Going to Laurentian is honestly a dream come true for me. It’s opening the doors for me to achieve everything I want to for my career.”

She went on to write; “I love caring for children, it really brings joy to me being able to help them out. Seeing them smile when I show them something new is what I look forward to experiencing everyday as a teacher in the future. With my experience at other elementary schools, I have been able to get a taste of what my life could be like once I complete Laurentian’s Concurrent Education program. I’ve seen the way I can make an impact on the kids, with small gestures like helping them spell something, or teaching them to tie their shoe. These little things may seem like nothing to many, but to me, helping someone, specially a child, feels better than anything in the world. My goal in life is not to just become a teacher and spend time with kids, it’s to improve children’s lives. I believe every child deserves to learn to the best of their ability, and I’d be privileged to be the one to help them in that journey.”

We do know one thing, find your passion and it won’t seem like work. Meaghan you have found your passion.