Somethings are destined to get embedded in our memories. Who doesn’t know what you are referring to when you say nine eleven? Acronyms, letters and numbers combine to represent milestones in our history. WWII is such a marker. So too is COVID-19. The coronavirus a fortnight ago was a topic of concern and viewed by many as a problem some distance away. Others referred to it as a hoax or media embellishment. Not the case only a short number of days later. How quickly things can change!

People who didn’t understand the concept of exponential growth, now do. Each is now a variable in the equation. New terms sprang up, self-isolation and social distancing. Many are taking the pandemic seriously, others not so much.

Many companies have directed staff to work from home. Thankfully technology makes it an option for many. Some industries and sectors don’t have this luxury. Personal services, retail, bar and restaurant workers are being hit hard. Airline, hotel and related travel employees are nervous with layoffs pending. The stock market down 30 percent. The economy is getting squeezed. Hard.

Our healthcare professionals are our new superheroes. Front line staff are masking up and keeping hospital and clinic doors open. Researchers, virologists, chemists, infectious disease specialists are working overtime researching medical and social policy countermeasures.

This post started as a prelude to explain the cancellation of our Foundation’s AGM in April due to COVID-19 concerns. I digressed. A lot.

Wash your hands, don’t touch your face. Stay home if you can. Be smart. This is about you, your family, your neighbours, your co-workers, and everyone we share this planet with. Let’s look out for each other.

A final thought. When will toilet paper be back on the shelf? (Asking for a friend)