2021 Recipients

Ontario Students Awarded $75,000 in CU Succeed Youth Bursaries

Bursary recipients are selected based on two main criteria, financial need and how they give back to their communities. Awards are available to any post-secondary Ontario student 25 or under as of the application close date who are pursing a post-secondary academic, vocational, or technical program. 

Students were assessed by a review panel across four categories; community involvement, personal circumstances, letters of reference, and quality of their compelling essay or video submission. They were ranked numerically with top of the list individuals receiving bursaries of $3,000, the other candidates received amounts of $2,000, $1,500 or $1,000 totaling $75,000.

This year we had 69 students receive bursaries who are members of the following credit unions: Alterna,  Comtech Fire, DUCA, ECU a division of WFCU Credit Union, Equity, FirstOntario, Frontline Financial, Health Care, Heritage Savings, Kawartha, Kindred, Kingston Community, Mainstreet, Meridian, Northern, Ontario Educational, OPPA, Oshawa Community, Ottawa Police, PACE, Parama, Pathwise, Resurrection, Sudbury, Tandia, WFCU Credit Union, Your Credit Union and Your Neighbourhood Credit Union.

Ontario Credit Union Foundation is grateful to our member credit unions and event sponsors and supporters who make these awards possible.

2021 Recipient Credit Unions

Comtech Fire
Frontline Financial
Health Care
Heritage Savings
Kingston Community
Ontario Educational
Oshawa Community
Ottawa Police
WFCU Credit Union
Your Credit Union
Your Neighbourhood

  • Adrian J.
  • Adriana M.
  • Aidan W. 
  • Alex J.
  • Aleksa G.
  • Alexander N.
  • Alyssa L.
  • Arieej A.
  • Aryana J.
  • Aura G.
  • Benjamin G.
  • Caterina M.
  • Cheyenne V.
  • Ciaran L.
  • Danielle H.
  • David B.
  • Dennis B.
  • Devon D.
  • Ekaterini D.
  • Emilia D.
  • Emily S.
  • Glory V.
  • Hannah R.
  • Hannah B.
  • Ivori S.
  • Jena F.
  • Jessie T.
  • Jewel V.
  • Jullian C. 
  • Jose N.
  • Julia D.
  • Julia N. 
  • Julie G.
  • Justin X.
  • Kaitlyn B.
  • Kaleb B.
  • Kartik D.
  • Katherine C.
  • Kemuel R.
  • Kennedy L.
  • Kirsten A.
  • Krystal Y.
  • Laura B.
  • Leah T.
  • Liam K.
  • Lily V.
  • Madeleine P.
  • Madeline F.
  • Madelyn G.
  • Michelle M.
  • Nadia K.
  • Nephertari M. 
  • Radley V.
  • Reauna V.
  • Reuben P.
  • Sapphire D.
  • Shayla R.
  • Silma M.
  • Skye M.
  • Sophia A.
  • Syed R.
  • Syeda R.
  • Tiffany J.
  • Trudi V.
  • Vanessa V.
  • Victoria L.
  • Zayne P.
  • Zoe M.
  • Zoe R.