CU Succeed Youth Bursaries Announced

We had 275 individuals register for the bursary this year with 118 completing the full application by June 30th. After much deliberation, and careful consideration, 69 applicants were chosen to receive a bursary award this year.

Our top recipient, Huynh My Linh D. (left) was one of the strongest applications we have ever received. Her community involvement, scholastic achievement and demonstrated need was recognized by the reviewers. Huynh My Linh receives our top award of $3,000. An equally impressive application came in a very close second from Silma M. (right) who is receiving $2,000. Six individuals tied for third spot, each receiving $1,500. Congratulations to Reauna V., Benjamin G., Zoe M., Jose N., Syeda Taliya R., and Lilly V. The remaining award winners each will receive $1,000.

We were delighted to have receive applications from members of 33 different credit unions, and award are going out to members from 28 of those credit unions. This is our highest participation rate yet. We extend our thanks to all the credit unions who promoted the CU Succeed Youth Bursary to their members.

A big thank you to the nine adjudicators who worked through 118 completed CU Succeed Youth Bursary applications. Congratulations to all the bursary recipients. We wish everyone who applied a successful school year ahead.

Bursary Boosters Bust Out

The 2021 Bursary Boosters came together to exceed the planned goal of $10,000 by reaching $11,236!

Congratulations to all our credit union friends and supporters who made this possible. Kudos to Northern Credit Union who raised an amazing $2,000 through a variety of different initiatives, one of which involved getting to throw a cream pie in one of the executive’s face. Tickets for that one sold faster than a Bruce Springsteen concert!

Alterna was also very much a grassroots campaign then not only raised funds, but awareness for the CU Succeed Youth Bursary. Different branches too part with Lakeshore West the number one fundraiser, followed closely by the Contact Centre and Bolton branch. All together over $1,500 was raised.

Kudos to our Gold Boosters, Alterna Savings, Ganaraska, Heritage Savings, Kingston Community, Luminus, Northern, Sudbury and Tandia. Special thanks to our Silver Boosters, Equity, Frontline and Oshawa Community!   

At the end of the day, the recipients of our CU Succeed Youth Bursary are the beneficiaries of your support, so on their behalf a hearty thank you!