cusa-logo-blueCredit Union Services Association (CUSA) is composed of 24 Ontario credit unions representing a combined membership of approximately 300,000 members.  CUSA’s origins trace back to its members’ common relationship with CGI and the RFS™ managed banking service.  CUSA’s role has expanded to ensure that other common operational needs, as provided by a variety of strategic partners, are readily available to its member credit unions.  CUSA also works to identify collective opportunities that will better position its member credit unions to compete in the financial services sector.

As a collective of credit unions, CUSA shares the passion of OCUF to give back to and invest in our communities.  Our CUSA Board of Directors Chairperson, Allison Kasper, says “Our member credit unions are committed to promoting youth leadership, and we have seen firsthand the positive impact that student bursaries can have in building strong communities and citizens.  We are delighted to support this important work.“

To Allison Kasper, the full Board, and all of the CUSA credit unions members, we say a big thank you for your generous donation to fund a Youth Bursary in 2017!