Corporate Award

The Outstanding Corporate Achievement Award is given annually by the Ontario Credit Union Foundation to a credit union (or company within the co-operative financial system) in recognition of their contribution to the community.


We recognize those whose investment in the community is above normal expectations in one or more of the following ways:

  • A single project or program supported financially or otherwise during the preceding year,
  • An ongoing pattern or record of community investment continuing over an extended period of time through to and including the preceding calendar year,
  • A major new activity, program or commitment started during the preceding calendar year.

The recipient organization must be a member of the Ontario Credit Union Foundation.

The Award:

The Foundation can designate one Award winner each year:

  • One or two representatives of the receiving organization will be invited to accept the award the OCUF Annual General Meeting. (Date & location to be confirmed)
  • The organization is invited to share a 5-minute presentation (video, speech, etc.) should they wish.

Nomination Process and Judging:

  • Please use the accompanying nomination format. The submission must be signed by both the nominator (who typically is an employee of the organization) and either the chair/president of the Board or the CEO/manager of the organization.
  • The nominator may attach additional information as long as the nomination form is completed.
  • Nominations must be received by 4:00 pm April 13, 2018. Applications can be emailed to or mailed to the Ontario Credit Union Foundation, 418 Willis Drive, Oakville, ON L6L 4V4.
  • The OCUF Board of Directors will judge submissions. Their decision will be based on the information supplied. If a Director is a member/employee of a nominated organization, they will declare a conflict of interest and not participate in the adjudication.
  • Organizations of any asset size may receive this award.

Thank you for helping us recognize outstanding contributions made by member credit unions in their communities.

2018 Corporate Achievement Award Nomination Form  < click to download PDF

Nomination Form

Nominated Organization: ________________________________________________

Name of Nominator: ___________________________________________________

Relationship of nominator to organization nominated:  ___________________________________

Phone:            (______) _________________  Email ________________________________

Declarations: This nomination is acknowledged and sanctioned by the organization being nominated as evidenced by the signature of the chair/president of the Board of Directors or the CEO/general manager of the organization as well as the nominator.

_____________________________________            ________________________________________

(Signature of Chair/President/CEO/Manager)           (Signature of Nominator)

  • Describe your community investment against one or more of our criteria (a single project or program supported during the preceding year, an ongoing pattern of community investment over an extended period through to and including the preceding calendar year, and or a major new activity, program or commitment started during the preceding calendar year). Think of this response as your “story telling” to the AGM audience.


  • What is the impact on the community of your investment?


  • Given the varying size of organizations nominated, why do you feel your investment is meaningful relative to your size? (Include monetary and non-monetary elements)


  • Has the organization received formal recognition? (i.e. newspaper, media, etc. if so, please provide examples)


  • Is there any other information you feel the Foundation directors should know or would help them compare your community investment efforts to others? If yes, please attach.