Friend of the Foundation

Over the years, OCUF has recognized individuals and organizations who have contributed significantly to our Foundation. An award is not necessarily given each year. The recipients join a list of very impressive contributors to the Foundation. Our first award was presented in 1992, and since then we have made 40 appointments. We have awarded 10 Friend of the Foundation awards to organizations, and 30 to individuals

2019George De La Rosa
2019Devon Rowan
2019Dave Schurman
2016Tim Dauphinee
2016Jean Wansbrough
2015Earl Campbell
2015Tony Niessen
2014Liz Arkinstall
2014Guido Chezzi
2013TDT Crews
2012Tim Bossence
2012Paul Everitt
2011Peter Spanyi
2010Carole Kalil
2010Linda Flemington
2010Geoff Cauchi (RZCD Law Firm)
2010Penny Rintoul (RZCD Law Firm)
2009Donna Bailey (On Co-op)
2008Leslie Ross (Central 1)
2008Howard Bogach
2008Harry Joosten
2007Sherri Armstrong
2007Carrie Brunet
2007Tracy Harris
2006Jim Maxwell
2005Stewart Black
2004Jonathan Guss
2003Laurie Stephens, formerly of Ontario Central
2001Tony Ruffolo, Ontario Central
2000Darlene Michaels of Ontario Central
1998DICO employees
1997The Co-operators (through CUIS)
1996Deloitte & Touche, Auditors (Bruce Vickers)
1996CUIS (Bob Ferguson)
1996Davis + Henderson (Ken Hagerman, Dennis Hirst, Mary Ansell)
1995Jim Barr
1995Equifax & Affiliated Credit Bureaus of Ontario
1994Stuart Black
1993Avestel Credit Union
1993Dianne Craig
1992Fran Gillis