We are proud to list our Permanent Capital Funds followed by our Community Investment Funds.

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If donating to a specific fund you can click the orange online tab set up for some funds. If sending a cheque, please make it payable to Ontario Credit Union Foundation, put the fund name on the memo line.  It can be mailed to OCUF, 418 Willis Drive, Oakville, ON L6L 4V4.

Permanent Capital Funds

A & T Dauphinee Bursary Fund Established in 1990 by then Foundation Directors, Tim and Amy Dauphinee, the fund’s objective is to disburse an annual contributions to aid and encourage the development and education of women in developing countries.
Alterna Capital Fund Formerly Metro Credit Union Capital Fund
In 2002, Metro Credit union established a Permanent Capital Fund with a purpose to support community economic development.
Altman/Skinner Family Fund The Altman/Skinner Family Fund was established in 2000.
Bernie Daly Memorial Fund Bernie Daly was GROWMARK, Inc.’s Ontario Region Manager and a dedicated co-operative champion. The purpose of the fund is to support youth who cannot participate in Co-operative Young Leaders program due to financial restraints. Daly’s main concern was to ensure that all youth in the co-operative sector had a chance to attend CYL.
Bonifacio Family Sustainability Fund Established in 2023 to support sustainability practices encouraging ecological, human, and economic health and diversity.
Carl Zawadzki Memorial Fund Established in 2003 in memory of Carl Zawadzki, this private family fund’s objective is to support and aid organizations or churches in Southern Ontario.
CU Succeed Youth Bursary Fund Established in 2019 to commemorate Ontario Credit Union Foundation’s 40th anniversary of serving the Credit Unions of Ontario. Given the focus on post-secondary education the following funds were amalgamated to provide and even stronger opportunity for Ontario youth. We recognize and respect the donors and contributors to the following funds: Gary Gillam Memorial Fund, George Currie Memorial Fund, Norman Alexander Memorial Bursary Fund,  and  Tandia Financial Fund. Donate
Davis + Henderson Bursary This fund was established in 1996.
Development of Credit Unions in Ukraine Fund Started in 1993, the fund was set up with a purpose of assisting individuals involved in the development and/or start-up of credit unions in Ukraine and to offer financial aid for training programs in the Canada or the Ukraine.
Earl Reed Bursary Originally created 1995 in memory of Mr. Earle Reed. In 2015, following the merger of Rochdale Credit Union and FirstOntario Credit Union, a bursary be established with Fanshawe College with a five year commitment to support students in the Child and Youth Worker, Developmental Services Work, and Social Service Work programs at the College. Bursaries will be payable at $1,000 each year.
FirstOntario Bursary Fund Created in 2020. FirstOntario wished to build on the good work of two funds (the Larry Sweeney Bursary Fund and the Aubrey Dalgleish Memorial Fund) in promoting youth education.
Joe Bonner/Ron Selman Memorial Capital Fund Established in 2009 in Memory of Mr. Joe Bonner and Mr. Ron Selman by Nasco Employee’s Credit Union, the fund’s purpose is defined permanently and exclusively to support the work of the Ontario Credit Union Foundation.
John Alexander Scott Memorial Scholarship Award Established in 1996 in memory of Mr. John Scott, who served as a Board Member and President of Thunder Bay Municipal Employees’ Credit Union for many years. Income generated from the fund supports the OCUF Bursary program.
Kakabeka Credit Union Capital Fund Created in 2002 through Kakabeka Falls Community Credit Union (through several mergers including Provincial Alliance Credit Union and most recently Rapport Credit Union) the fund provides scholarships for youth.
Ken Weatherley Bursary Fund Established in 1992 by Ottawa Firefighters Credit Union in honour of Ken Weatherley. Ken was a Board Member of Frontline Financial Credit Union and Central 1 where he served as Chair. Income generated from the fund supports the CU Succeed Youth Bursary program.
Len Tune Memorial Bursary In 1980, the Board of Metro Toronto Police Credit Union (now Police Credit Union) established the memorial fund in memory of Len Tune and provides a bursary of $500 to assist undergraduate students in the third or fourth year of the Bachelors program in Business Administration at York University’s Schulich School of Business.
Libro Credit Union Capital  Fund Previously known as the St. Willibrord Fund
Libro Credit Union – Charlie Diemer Capital Fund Previously known as the Charlie Diemer Capital Fund, renamed in 2012.
Lincoln M. Alexander Scholarship/Bursary Established in 1994 by WCB Credit Union (later MemberOne Credit Union) the fund’s purpose was to assist credit union members finance post-secondary education. Income generated from the fund now supports the CU Succeed Youth Bursary program.
Mainstreet Credit Union Capital Fund Mainstreet Credit Union Capital Fund (formerly Sydenham Community CU Fund) established the fund in 2002 supports the Strathroy Middlesex General Hospital Foundation.
Meridian Credit Union Capital Fund Annual income from this fund is contributed to the Ontario Credit Union Foundation general fund.
Oshawa Community Credit Union Fund Established in 2004, the mission of the fund was to support local charities and organizations in the Oshawa region.
Parama Scholarship Fund Established in 2010, the purpose is to fund a range of contributions or scholarships to the broader Parama community as authorized by the Parama Board of Directors.
Shepherd Family Capital Fund Established in 2010 by the then CEO of Prosperity ONE Credit Union, Michael Shepherd, the private family fund has a purpose of supporting local community projects.    Donate
St. Willibrord Permanent Capital Fund Established in 2002, the purpose of the capital fund is to generate revenue for transfer to the St. Willibrord’s (Libro) Branch Community and SW Ontario Corporate pools in its Community Investment Fund.
Sudbury Regional Capital Fund Established in 2002, the fund was created “to assist with the fulfillment of our social responsibilities within the Sudbury region.”
United Communities Credit Union Capital Fund Formally named the Woodslee Credit Union Capital Fund, renamed in 2012 following the merger of United Communities Credit Union and Libro Credit Union.
William H. Bohn Fund Established in 2000 when Guelph & Wellington Credit Union split their Community Action Fund. In memory of William H. Bohn, a volunteer with Guelph & Wellington CU for over 45 years. To provide educational bursaries.
Windsor Family Bursary Fund Established in 2008, the purpose of the fund is to support the community.

Community Investment Funds

Bernie Daly Memorial Fund Bernie Daly was GROWMARK, Inc.’s Ontario Region Manager and a dedicated co-operative champion. The purpose of the fund is to support youth who cannot participate in Co-operative Young Leaders program due to financial restraints. Daly’s main concern was to ensure that all youth in the co-operative sector had a chance to attend CYL.    Donate
Dorothy Watson CYL Bursary Fund Created by Central 1 upon Dorothy Watson’s retirement in recognition of her 30 years with Central 1, and 37 years in the credit union sector. Dorothy has chosen to support the Co-operative Young Leaders program facilitated by the Ontario Co-operative Association. Donate
Jean Wansbrough Leadership Training Fund Established in 2010 by Jean Wansbrough, the fund supports the development of leadership skills in young people, with a primary focus on the outdoors and organized camping. Donate
Mainstreet CU Community Investment Fund Established in 2022 to enable investment in various charities in the communities served by Mainstreet Credit Union.
YNCU Good Neighbour Fund Whether we’re actively volunteering, serving on boards or committees, or lending our support to local charitable events YNCU Good Neighbour encourage all of us to get out there and make a real impact in our neighbourhood. Named after YNCU’s employee volunteer program, the YNCU Good Neighbour Fund gives to local charities supporting families in need, and health and wellness. Donate

To donate to any of the above funds, or more information please contact our office.