Improv Your Business

– professional development with lots of laughs!


Stephanie Herrera’s main focus is on how improv can enhance your personal skills in business. There will be an opportunity to get on your feet, release your inhibitions and have fun. Participants will be taken through games, similar to “Who’s Line is it Anyway?” to hone their communication/listening skills, while also learning how to be more effective team players. Improv has been shown to build self-confidence and awareness of situations and people. It helps develop creativity, better instincts, and the ability to think faster on your feet.

Stephanie Herrera is a professional actor on stage, screen, and as a voice over artist. She has shared the stage with some iconic Canadian comedians including Colin Mochrie, Patrick McKenna, Peter Widman and Linda Kash. She has traveled North America teaching the art of improv, from schools in Goosebay, Newfoundland, to being the Improv and Interaction Director at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire for two years. She rounds out her skills with an extensive background in corporate sales. Her workshops are renown to be challenging and packed full of valuable tools that enhance interpersonal skills. Laughs are guaranteed!

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