Luminus Financial may not be the biggest Credit Union in Ontario but you may not want to get in the ring with them! Pound for pound they more than pull their weight.

In the recent CU Succeed Youth Bursary Campaign (and for the second year running) the Luminus team went to work. Led by Member Relations Manager Joanna Cheng, a number of people from various departments including Karen Oliveira, Daniel Marnicki and Lesya Gotsko, came together to drive the campaign. Joanna commented “I knew the success of the campaign would come from increased team work so I chose a small group of champions from various departments to represent the Youth Bursary.”

The group initially met and brainstormed specifically on FUN and simple ways to fund raise funds. Ideas included a 50/50 draw, pasty sale, book sale and initiating donation fees to work from home or wear jeans to the office. Key to their success was to share their campaign initiative with family and friends and committed to completing a mini work walk-a-thon to ramp up donations. Luminus shared their fund raising story and CU Succeed Youth Bursary donation link over email and acquired additional donations, as a result.

The Luminus group worked as a team and focused on the “fun” in fundraising! Collectively they raised $1,033 which will assist post-secondary credit union members with their studies in 2019.  Kudos to all who made this happen.