6Christina  is a 2nd year student at Algonquin College where she is taking the Cabinet Making and Furniture Technician program. She was awarded a 2016 OCUF Youth Bursary and is a member of DUCA.

Christina commented “I work very hard to afford living and sometimes it can be very stressful making ends meet. This bursary would allow me to focus more on my degree then worry about finances. I am very dedicated and career focused. I always want to put in my best effort to everything. I have many goals I hope to reach in my using the two skills I posses.”

She as volunteered with a number of different organizations, including Durham Speed Skating Club, Rossland Stables, Monterra Farms, Eagle Ridge Public School and at church.

Christina is working hard on her studies and rents a room in a small town house shared with two other girls. She works part time at a horse stable called Wesley Clover Parks. And on the side of all this I assist a few people in my neighbourhood care for their dogs and keeping their backyards tidy.

We think her hard work and focus will have her be successful at what ever she tackles.