ConnorConnor is a 1st year Biomedical Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Ottawa. He was awarded a 2016 OCUF Youth Bursary and is a member of Comtech Fire CU.

Connor talks in his application about the impact sports has had on him. From a young age, I played all the typical sports at various levels from house league to rep. It formed habits in me, getting homework done before practices, balancing sports with school and other family obligations and just learning to interact and get along with others. Sports also gave me a certain confidence, my 2 younger brothers wanted to copy everything I did, kids would want me to teach them how to dribble a ball or shoot a puck. It also afforded me the opportunity to volunteer each summer at various summer camps and help kids learn and love sports like I do.

Connor also loves music. He played a number of instruments through school, the baritone, the tuba and the tenor saxophone. By the end of elementary school, he was playing virtually all of the instruments they had to offer. In high school he taught himself to play the oboe.

He still had time to volunteer. Connor assisted campers in sports activities and adventure skills at summer camps, volunteered at St. Michael’s Hospital in the heart and vascular area, directing visitors and collecting reports. He was also a peer mentor in high school.

He wrote “I had my first paper route at 9 years old and opened my first credit union account. Not much accumulated despite my Mother’s effort to teach me savings, budget and charity.” A lot has changed from when you were nine Connor.