CooperCooper is a 2nd year Bachelor of Business Administration student at Nipissing University.  He was awarded a 2016 OCUF Youth Bursary and is a member of DUCA.

Cooper lost his father to cancer when he was four. In his application he said, “I could express that I have grown up with a single parent who has worked to give me the best life, or I could talk about how much I am in need of financial help. However, I would prefer to ask to be the recipient of the OCUF Youth Bursary not just because of my demographic, but because of who I am, and who I continue to strive to be.”

Indeed it was a compelling application. What stood our for the reviewers was his conversation around two life lessons he shared.

Cooper is also an active community contributor. He has volunteered in a drama production with Community Living Dufferin – an organization that helps adults with disabilities. He volunteered in many fundraisers with Multiple Sclerosis bike rides, church events, and other community events. At university, he participated in recruitment open houses, and have been involved in many of the residence committees such as the Athletics and Wellness committee.