DarionDarion is in first year, taking Nanotechnology Engineering at the University of Waterloo. He is a 2016 Youth Bursary recipient and member of Meridian CU.

Darion wrote in his application, “I have persevered through challenging circumstance and times while still accomplishing my goals and aspirations of attending university.” He detailed those circumstances and suffice it to say this is a young man who is driven, and has demonstrated his drive and ability to work hard and stay focused on his long-term goal of becoming an engineer.

Darion said “In reference to the term “it takes a village”, my community is my village that has provided me with support and encouragement. I am grateful and will pay it forward by modeling a spirit of community and volunteerism. More specifically my long term goal is to participate in policy development so that the youth of Canada will not experience the barriers to education that I have.”

Darion you believe in yourself and your abilities. We know you will succeed at what you set your mind to.