IssacIsaac was awarded a 2016 OCUF Youth Bursary. He is a 4th year student at the University of Toronto where he is pursuing a Health Studies (BSc) and International Development (BA) African Studies Minor.

Isaac shared a story of a troubled past with much adversity. He writes: I became involved with care when I was twelve, and from this point all the way to my 18th birthday was marked by mistakes, struggles, violence, and pain. First living at a shelter, then progressing to group homes and foster homes, I was exposed to a lot of harsh realities and social ills in my downtown Kitchener residences. Fast forwarding to seventeen years old, I then had make a choice of a continual cycle of involvement in the system, or using the intelligence and drive I always knew I had and trying something different. I was able to achieve higher averages in my final grade 11 and 12 classes, and
when I graduated from CALC in 2012, I finished an ‘Ontario Scholar’ for achieving and average of over 80% in my University level credits (despite bouncing around over five high schools).

Issac said, “My story is powerful in that every opportunity such as this bursary can become part of it, showing youth that not only is it possible to make it to the best institutions in Canada as a racialized, marginalized, and counter-culture individual, but that their are also agencies, organizations, and foundations willing to support your dreams along the way.”

Issac on behalf of our donors and supporters we are proud to assist you in your journey. We know your perseverance will one day have you designing those building you dream about.