JuliaJulia is in her 4th year studying Psychology & French Studies at the York University – Glendon College. She was awarded a 2016 OCUF Youth Bursary and is a member of Resurrection CU.

Julia wrote on her application, “I am currently on a path where I am confident that I will succeed academically. I am a very curious and independent person. I enjoy learning and exploring new opportunities. This bursary will provide me with the stability to continue exploring the paths leading towards my future of working with children as an educator. It will provide me with a peace of mind, and a guarantee of financial stability so I will not have to overwork myself to make tuition payments. It will give me the freedom to take on new experiences and spend more time volunteering at places such as Holland-Bloorview children’s rehabilitation hospital, Toronto’s Lithuanian School and York versus working.

My goal is to pursue a Bachelor’s s of Education after my undergrad. As a future French educator I am always looking for new leadership opportunities in Education. My vision is to empower tomorrow’s youth to explore their potentials and fall in love with learning. I am consistently developing my skills. Being Trilingual I am able to communicate in both of Canada‚Äôs official languages and in Lithuanian. With many years of within school and outside of school experiences I have adopted a creative and engaging approach to leadership, mentoring and programming.”

Julia, we look forward to you empowering the youth of tomorrow!