LiaLia is in her 4th year pursing an Honours Bachelor Degree in Social Sciences with Specialization in Women’s Studies and Political Science at the University of Ottawa. She was awarded a 2016 OCUF Youth Bursary and is a member of DUCA CU.

Some applications you read and simply go – wow. This was one of them. Lia received one of our highest awards and deservedly so. Her list of volunteer involvement is extensive and diverse from two missions trips in Nicaragua, working kids with disabilities in the Best Buddies program,   volunteering as a co-leader and leader of four Parliamentary Delegations at Parliament Hill with
an organization called MYCanada, to volunteering as an educator and public speaker across North America on social justice issues.

Her application focused on her passions. Lia stated “I need a purpose to fuel my actions. And this is why I have chosen from a young age to be involved in the community, to give my time to those organizations and those initiatives that I believe are doing incredible work, both domestically and internationally.” She went on to say “I volunteer my time because I love people. I care about the lives of those around. I believe that every individual—regardless of their gender, race, class, religion, or physical makeup—deserves equality and human rights. This is what drives my passion—both in school and in volunteer work.”

Lia left a summary comment that read; at the end of the day, I believe that one person can change a nation. Why do we get a sense that you are on your way to doing so.