MahamMaham is a 4th year University of Toronto student who was awarded a 2016 OCUF Youth Bursary.

She is a bright and a very active student who gives back to the community. She is the president of International Development Studies Students’ Association. Also a marketing associate of both the International Development Conference and the Political Science Student Association. Maham volunteers for an NGO called Paper Kite that works with Orphanages in India to provide children with their basic needs. This experience inspired her to go to University to pursue a major in International Development. She wants to further her studies and become an International human rights lawyer.

As a student, she manages a full course load, two jobs, and volunteer work. Maham commented, “this grant will be helpful for me as it will allow me to focus on my school and my volunteering.”

Good luck Maham, knowing what you have overcome and accomplished to date, there is no doubt you will change the world for the better.