MeaghanMeaghan is a first-year student in Education at Laurentian University. She is a 2016 Youth Bursary recipient and member of Northern Credit Union.

We loved Meaghan’s enthusiasm, “Going to Laurentian is honestly a dream come true for me. It’s opening the doors for me to achieve everything I want to for my career.”

She went on to write; “I love caring for children, it really brings joy to me being able to help them out. Seeing them smile when I show them something new is what I look forward to experiencing everyday as a teacher in the future. With my experience at other elementary schools, I have been able to get a taste of what my life could be like once I complete Laurentian’s Concurrent Education program. I’ve seen the way I can make an impact on the kids, with small gestures like helping them spell something, or teaching them to tie their shoe. These little things may seem like nothing to many, but to me, helping someone, specially a child, feels better than anything in the world. My goal in life is not to just become a teacher and spend time with kids, it’s to improve children’s lives. I believe every child deserves to learn to the best of their ability, and I’d be privileged to be the one to help them in that journey.”

We do know one thing, find your passion and it won’t seem like work. Meaghan you have found your passion.