meeghan-pearson3-jpgMeeghan is a 2nd year nursing student enrolled at Fanshawe College in London. She was awarded a 2016 OCUF Youth Bursary.

Meeghan is an active volunteer in her community. She has donated her time and talent at musical therapy for the developmentally challenged, has helped at Tim Horton’s camp day for a number of years, and contributed to bras for the cause by making gift basked for three years. She also participated in Environmental Leadership program.

On her bursary application she wrote “Getting this bursary would help me able to pay for this years tuition costs and help me work my way one year at a time through nursing school, helping me eventually achieve my dream of being a pediatric registered nurse.” We think you’re on the right track Meeghan and wish you the best as you reach for your dream.