MuhammadMuhammad  is a 1st year Schulich School of Business student at York University and a 2016 OCUF Youth Bursary recipient.

It should not be surprising when you offer a bursary based on financial need and giving back to the community that we would receive so many quality submissions. In this case we could have added scholastic merit and Muhammad would have been right at the top there too!

Muhammad in his applications stated, “I am determined to be a type of person who balances their work life with family life with social life. By social life, I do not mean being connected to friends with apps, but mean to be able to give back to the community and work alongside charities to make a difference in the world. Giving back to others is our prime purpose of life, and I believe that volunteering should not be measured in quantity as it should come from the heart. The thoughts and mindset behind the actions should be considered.”

His list of past volunteer experience was almost the same as his current volunteer activities. Clearly this is an individual who has been able to find balance to do well academically while finding time to help others. Our world is enhanced by people like Muhammad.