MuzalaMuzala is a 4th year student in the Kinesiology Honours Co-op Program at the University of Waterloo in . He was awarded a 2016 OCUF Youth Bursary and is a member of DUCA Credit Union.

I firmly believe that community involvement and being proactive are key practices and I engage in them in hopes to help my community in various ways. Beyond helping others, working in the community is a great way to meet new people, learn more about people and the world while also developing skills transferable to other areas in your life. I also believe that citizenship qualities must be reflected in how you live your everyday life. Compassion, integrity and excellence are my most valued traits and play a large role in my personal attitude and how I interact with others. In my opinion, everyone has their own story to be heard and should be respected no matter their background, social status, gender or mental capabilities. An individual’s place in life, whether struggling or successful, should not dictate how much respect they garner as everyone deserves an equal amount.

The Ontario Credit Union Foundation Youth Bursary will go a long way towards helping cover some of the costs of my tuition, rent and book fees. I am a strong believer in community work and engagement as it contributes to our well-being and growth as a whole. I really appreciate all the things I have been able to learn through my experiences and how they have helped me develop into a better person and I hope to continue to do bigger and better things.