NaomiNaomi is a first year student at Mohawk College studying Diagnostic Cardiac Sonography. She is a recipient of a 2016 Youth Bursary award and member of FirstOntario CU.

She completed her undergraduate studies in Kinesiology at Western University in 2014 and was proud to be accepted into her number one program choice for her postgraduate education.

Naomi is currently in training to become a diagnostic cardiac sonographer which allows her to do ultrasounds of peoples hearts and diagnose heart conditions. She is passionate about children and would like to specialize in paediatrics. Eventually she would like to teach and train young sonographers.

Naomi embraces volunteerism, be it as a day camp/sports camp coordinator, lifeguard, counselor, peer tutor (in several subjects including chemistry and calculus), or helping at retirement home.

Recently married, she balances her home life, academic pursuits, volunteering, while training for a a triathlon which has been a goal she hopes to achieve in the next short while.