NatashaNatasha is a 2nd year University of Ottawa student who was awarded a 2016 OCUF Youth Bursary and is a DUCA member.

Upon completion of her undergraduate studies in Biomedical Sciences, Natasha hopes to attend medical school to become a doctor and specialize in cardiology. Natasha says “I know that a career in medicine is right for me because I enjoy learning about human anatomy, physiology and biology. Also, I liked providing patient care while I was working as a pharmacy technician.”

She realizes pursuing this career path means that she will have at least seven more years of university to complete. She would like to attend medical school to pursue a career that allows her me to help others and work in a field that she is truly passionate about. Receiving the OCUF youth bursary will reduce some of the financial strain that is associated with several years of university and graduate studies.

Though the University of Ottawa is far away from home, she decided to study there because the program is great and the university provides excellent research and extracurricular opportunities for students. However, going to university away from home presents several additional costs like rent and train tickets to come home.

Natasha has volunteered in a community nursing home, helped with teen programs, tutored elementary school students and taught summer reading enrichment classes. More recently she has assisted the Ismaili Volunteers Corp, Canadian Diabetes Association, and was a volunteer tutor to two new refugees.