RobynRobyn is a 1st year student at the University of Ottawa. She was awarded a 2016 OCUF Youth Bursary and is a member of Sudbury Credit Union.

As part of her bursary application Robyn paid tribute to her parents. “I believe I have done some pretty impressive things, but none could compare to what my parents have ever done for my sister and I, and everyone around them every single day. They were so encouraging when I applied and eventually accepted my University offer out of town. I want to find the best possible way to thank them, and I know that continuing to be successful, and remaining a good person to myself and others, is what will truly show them my gratitude.
They tell me everyday how proud they are of everything I’ve done, but especially all the hard work and late nights I put in to accomplish everything in my high school career. I look back with a warm heart and extreme sense of gratitude towards my parents, who brought me to church, my school, the barn, or wherever else I asked because they believed in me.”

She continued “I know I won’t stop trying to help others and do better if it means putting a smile on my parents’ faces, or the faces of the people I see around me. They’ve taught me that everyone deserves to be helped, and that the best satisfaction comes when all others around you are satisfied as well. I hope to spread that selfless legacy to others as I pursue my studies in Ottawa this fall.”

Robyn is pursuing a degree in chemical engineering. She says she chose the program because she believes engineers are problem solvers. She likes getting to the root of the problem, deriving a plan of action and hopefully fixing what was broken or inefficient. I like that engineering will use all these processes to solve problems related to math, science, people, and the planet. I think my main goal is to continue trying to solve problems for others, and eventually the world.