Victoria is a third-year student at the University of Waterloo studying International Development. She is a 2016 Youth Bursary recipient and a member of DUCA CU.

Victoria wrote, “Previously I was in Kinesiology but my passion for social justice and global issues drove me to pursue my true interests.”

This past summer she embarked on an international experience to India with the organization Operation Groundswell. The motto of the organization that drew her to it was “Backpacking with a Purpose”.

We have done an extract from her application to give you a better idea of Victoria, and her passion. “The purpose of the trip is not about going over to an impoverish village and hoping to change the world in a week. The organization develops deep partnerships with local NGOs in places all over the world, in my case, India. The time is not spent on a developmental project or typical volunteerism projects. Although we do volunteer with the NGOs over in India the time is spent discovering the challenges that the people there face and get a sense for how the world is beyond our Western society. We immerse ourselves in every aspect of the country: the people, the food, the culture. On my particular trip India: Himalayan Adventure within the span of 40 days we will be visiting a Tibetan refugee settlement and discover why Tibetans are fighting for their freedom from China and get to work with the group Students for Free Tibet. We will also be collaborating with NGOs that work with eco-tourism.”

Victoria, we need individuals like you to seek understanding of our world and to share that knowledge.