JennahJennah is a 1st year student at Georgian College. She was awarded a 2016 OCUF Youth Bursary and is a member of Kawartha Credit Union.

Since I have been in eighth grade I have had a job, preparing for my post secondary schooling. My sisters and I have to pay our way through school on our own, with minimal help from our parents as they can’t afford to pay for all three daughters to go through school without debt. They think that it teaches us as young adults that you need to wok for a living, and spend money wisely, as living in the real world is very expensive.

I have had a job at the local Arena in the Canteen for the past three years, getting weekend shifts
and after school shifts. I have also been working at the local grocery store for the past two plusĀ  years as a cashier. Working roughly 15-24 hours a week throughout school, and 24-40 in the summers. Whenever I had extra money I have been putting it into a school account.

I have been banking with Kawartha Credit Union for over 5 years because of the friendly staff. I will continue to bank with Kawartha while completing my post secondary education and for the rest of my banking life.