We are delighted to welcome Veniessa from the Wobbly Canvas to lead Paint Day 2017.

Veniessa pride herself in making art and creativity fun for all. Many of her “students” have never put a paint brush to canvas in their life. “We love that!” commented Veniessa who added, “something magical happens when you allow yourself to forget about everyday shenanigans and just paint, create, laugh and enjoy your surroundings and the people around you!”  Veniessa will take participants step-by-step through the process of painting something worthy of hanging on your wall.

Closer to the event participants will have an opportunity to vote on which two canvas designs you would like to paint. You will complete one in the morning session and one in the afternoon session. Check back (but we will let you know) when the voting if open. Your choices are previewed below!

Yes! You will amaze yourself and your friends!

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You will have an opportunity to vote on which two pictures you would like to paint.


Top two win!

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