We are very excited to announce Your Neighbourhood Credit Union was the winner of the 2021 Corporate Achievement Award!

To say 2020 was a memorable year would be an understatement.

One year ago, we were a couple of months into the pandemic. Everyone was worried. Over the last year, credit unions have stepped up in their communities in extraordinary ways. This was evident as we reviewed this year’s OCAA submissions. At our recent AGM, Kevin Connolly who presented the award commented, “I can say on behalf of the adjudication panel, it made us very proud to be part of the credit union sector! The quality of submissions we received clearly showed credit unions concern for your staff, for your members and for your communities.” The quality and number of submissions received was fantastic. We thank all of those who put time and energy into sharing your story.

One submission was the unanimous choice of our adjudication panelists. YNCU was invited to submit a short video explaining their initiative, what it took to make it happen, and what the outcome was.

Click on the image to the left to see the video prepared by YNCU that outlines the program they created to help small business in the communities they serve.

I hope you were as impressed as we were with the outstanding impact YNCU had on their communities in 2020 and will have in the years ahead.

Former Board Chair Dan Coldwell, in a press release commented, “Adjudicating the Outstanding Corporate Achievement Award was more difficult this year. With COVID, so many credit unions in Ontario stepped up to help the communities they serve. The many submissions we received were shining examples of how credit unions looked after their staff, their members and the many in the community who struggled during the pandemic.  Your Neighbourhood Credit Union outdid themselves in the eyes of our panelists. A significant investment was made to help small businesses stay afloat during these very challenging times. The idea of establishing websites by geographic area focused on promoting small businesses, many of whom had never considered online retailing, was not only creative, but it was also brilliant. It was a lifeline. The fact this is a sustainable project is a bonus. Well done YNCU! You have made us all proud.”

YNCU provided a statement to be shared at the Annual General Meeting that read:

Your Neighbourhood Credit Union is honoured to receive this award. We are inspired by the community initiatives led by so many credit unions in the system. And we are thankful to have such a dedicated team of employees that want to work with our members to help our communities thrive. We hope you enjoy this glimpse of Shop Your Neighborhood.

Congratulations YNCU for your achievement.