On March 15th OCUF did a soft launch of our new Youth Bursary program. That same day we sent a note to all of our member credit unions advising the online application process was live and that we hoped they would help promote the bursaries to their members.

student2We are delighted to say we have had a tremendous amount of interest from our member credit unions. Many comments were received of how thrilled they are to participate. The concept behind the bursary is member credit unions co-brand the web banners and in-branch posters with their logo in a prominent way. In much smaller font, we include “Powered by OCUF.”

Board Chair Dan Coldwell of PACE Credit Union commented, “New, different, better. That is the way we are helping credit unions in Ontario.” He went on to say “The Youth Bursary is an excellent way to put an exclamation point on how important youth education is to Ontario Credit Unions and our Foundation.”

In the inaugural year OCUF is making available a minimum of 40 awards. Awards range from $1,000 to $2,500. Criteria is detailed on the site, but primarily looks for students who are in financial need and who are good community citizens. We are offering a paper free online application process. Students log into and can return to as needed to complete their submission. Application deadline is June 15th.