We are privileged to have a strong base of member Credit Unions and individual members. We are especially grateful to those individuals who have become lifetime members.OCUF_p_sq150

Over the past 40 plus years we have supported credit unions and co-operatives with their philanthropic activities across Ontario. With your support we plan on doing so for the next 40 years – plus!

Your collective contributions allow us to offer a bursary program for financially deserving post secondary students who demonstrate solid community citizenship, with tuition to accredited colleges, university and vocational institutions.  For information on becoming a Member Credit Union email clayton AT

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Individual Membership

An annual membership in your Foundation provides a host of tangible and intangible benefits, including:

  • Membership in a charitable organization which funds the CU Succeed Youth Bursary
  • The opportunity to make a difference in your own community with like-minded individuals
  • Be part of a provincial organization showcasing credit unions of all sizes who are promoting charitable giving in Canada
  • Access to our quarterly newsletter
  • The opportunity to set up a monthly recurring donation from your credit card to support youth education and leadership
  • Eligible to vote at the Annual General Meeting
  • Eligible to be nominated to become a member of our Board of Directors
  • Sleep well at night, knowing you have helped a deserving student get a step closer to achieving their dreams.

All for $20.

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Lifetime Members

For a one time (tax receiptable) donation of $500 you can become a Lifetime Member of the Foundation. Many of the following people have been supporters of the Foundation for many years and others have received their Lifetime membership in recognition of their faithful and dedicated service to their credit union or co-operative association as directors or management.  Become a Lifetime Member

We are proud to display this list of growing names:

  • Donald Altman, City of Toronto
  • Jerry Andrijiw, CEO Sunnybrook CU
  • Donna Bailey
  • James M. Barr
  • David Bird
  • Stewart A. Black
  • Howard Bogach
  • Stephen Bolton, Libro Credit Union
  • Tim Bossence
  • Phil Braginetz
  • Barry Brydges
  • John Burgman
  • Earl Campbell, Director Alterna Bank
  • Mary Cardamone
  • Julio Catani
  • Guido Chezzi, Director Emeritus OCUF
  • Carol Chezzi
  • Sharon Clarke
  • Bruce Corbett
  • N. Dianne Craig
  • Mac Davidson, Northern Credit Union
  • Ralph Dietrich
  • Denis Empringham
  • Francis Evershed
  • James G. Frank
  • Marty Gillis, WFCU Credit Union
  • Fred Gorbet
  • David Gunderson
  • Blake Halladay
  • John M. Harper
  • Rick Hoevenaars, Libro Credit Union
  • Mike Howard, Picuz
  • Edward Howes
  • Harry Joosten, Libro Credit Union
  • Carole Kalil
  • Sandy Kennedy
  • Scott Kennedy, Copperfin Credit Union
  • John D. Kwekkeboom
  • Mel Lang
  • Jean Lederer
  • Audrey J. Lee
  • Wayne D. Lee
  • Bob Lockwood
  • Sheena Lucas
  • Ralph Luimes
  • Paul Mackley
  • Heather MacDonald
  • James G. Maxwell
  • Murray McDiarmid
  • Phil Moore
  • Denise Morneau
  • Jack Morneau
  • Kathleen Murphy
  • Don Nicholls
  • Tony Niessen, Director Emeritus OCUF
  • Rob Paterson, Alterna Credit Union
  • Terry Pepler
  • Andy Poprawa
  • Michael Porter
  • Beryl Roberto
  • Doug Robinson
  • Ian B. Russell
  • Ed Sarnecki, Ed Sarnecki & Associates
  • Dave Schurman, FirstOntario Credit Union
  • Peter Scott, Unifor Local 199
  • Joe Simpson
  • Dave Sitaram
  • Judy Skinner, Donor
  • Jack Smit
  • Albert W. Suraci, Northern Credit Union
  • Elizabeth Thorn
  • Tina Vander Helm
  • William J. Vanidour
  • Paul Vayda
  • Deb Vickers
  • Bryon J. Walker
  • Jean Wansbrough, Donor
  • Dorothy Watson, Central1
  • Scott Windsor, Meridian CU
  • Dennis Wipp
  • Christine Zawadzki, C.Z. & Associates